Process TestLab


The taraneon Process TestLab provides the first lab environment to test and evaluate your business processes independent of your it - infrastructure. The range of test we provide at the Process TestLab covers all phases of the process lifecycle, from process design, over process development to process management.

How you will benefit from the quality checks at the Process TestLab:

  • Identify and reduce risks during process design and implementation
  • Reduced development effort and costs
  • Improved quality of business processes and avoidance of “Nachbesserung”
  • Improved foundation for decision making by detailed impact analysis
  • Optimization of processes, ressource allocation and cost
  • Risk reduction through process stresstests
  • Compliance- und Governance-conformity

Questions? Want to find out more? Get in touch with our experts at the Process TestLab

More information on the Process TestLab can be found at the dedicated PTL website

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