Mission Statement

Process quality is at the heart of our business

Process Quality Approved – the taraneon Process TestLab and our Process Experience approach are centered around the improvement of business process quality.

82% of all process reengineering projects fall short of their objectives. From a business perspective this means that you are investing millions every year without getting the desired results.

We at taraneon can help you stop this squandering of time and money and help you reach a higher rate of process satisfaction for you and your customers:

  • Our unique and award-winning Process TestLab provides a range of tests to check the quality and performance levels of your process designs;
  • The Process Experience-Method helps you evaluate and re-focus your process objectives on your customers, ensuring that you create value where it really counts.

Identify, evaluate and address process issues before your customers do and turn the taraneon advantages into benefits for your processes and your customers by becoming ‘Process Quality Approved’.